2012 Polar Bear Trip Day 4

Posted on by Steve

Breakfast this morning was all abuzz with the previous day’s adventure of Polar Bears and Auroras. Needless to say, we were all pretty pumped to see what today was going to bring.

We made our way to the Polar Rovers and it was off across the tundra again. Today would bring us to the coast – about a two hour ride.

During the long rides, our guide Colby would use the time to give us engaging lessons about everything from bears, to frogs, to spruce trees. One common theme – life in the arctic is crazy harsh and it’s really amazing how anything – plant or animal – can survive.

Upon arriving at the coast we spotted a bear waaaaayyyyy out on the ice – a total no-go for photos, but hey, still cool to see ’em. It wasn’t long before we spotted another – again far enough away to make it a struggle to spot him even with binoculars.

However, the next bear was a little more cooperative and hadn’t ventured out on the ice just yet. We moved position to intercept him as he traveled along the coast – and he decided to walk to the rover and take a nap! We ate lunch with a Polar Bear bout 20 yards from the window! Very cool! (see the vid)

Then things started to get interesting!

It started with a mother and cubs strolling along the coastline – they never got overly close (the mothers are understandably cautious), but I did manage a “wildlife in the landscape” style photo:

About the time these guys were getting out of sight, a large female came walking up the coast – right towards our rover! Our driver, Ward (great guy), backed us in for a better position and  – and the bear promptly plopped down! For the next 30 – 45 minutes we were treated to this girl’s antics. I love the way she was laying down with her paws crossed!

Make sure you check out the video below for more action!

All too soon our time was up and the light was starting to fade. We made our way back to the “dock” for the Polar Rovers and then off to dinner.

Our evening presentation was from an Inuit couple, Mary and Peter. We sat in a large tepee like hut, and although the outside temp was single digit frigid, it was comfortable inside – and warm enough we didn’t need gloves. And no, there wasn’t a fire! It was amazing to hear how the native people used to live, especially considering all they had were caribou hides for warmth. I knew how cold it was even with all my high tech gear, it must have been rough. They were an ingenious, tough group of people to be sure.

From there, off to bed. Make sure you check out Grant’s video for the day (comments always appreciated and welcome)

~ Steve

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8 Responses to 2012 Polar Bear Trip Day 4

  1. Gloria says:

    More great photos of a place I will never go. Grant is doing better with the videos, not moving as fast. I am enjoying your trip very much, Steve. Thanks for taking me along with your photos and commentary.

  2. Jane says:

    I love your photos and the effort that Grant puts in with the video camera. As Gloria says, I will never go here but I enjoy seeing what it looks like and the wildlife in the area (whether human or otherwise).

  3. Mark Herb says:

    Looks like everyone had a blast. I hope we can maintain their habitat because extinct is forever.

  4. bobi baha says:

    thank you for sharing these wonderful bears with us

  5. Yvonne says:

    Wonderful photos of bears. If it wasn’t for you and Grant I would never see anything like that. Thanks for sharing.

  6. A. says:

    Luv the Polar Bears!!! The photos are awesome.
    You and the family have a wonderful holiday!!
    Oh! I saw 2 deer on the back lawn of my complex, I had never seen
    them that close before. It was night so I could not see the that good, the big one was under my bathroom window. I was so excited I had to call my girlfriend, one use to come in the yard next to her and eat the apples off the tree, then sit down for a rest, ahe was in awe too.

    Be safe

  7. Jack & Karen says:


    Merry Christmas .. and now Boxing Day.
    Thank you and Grant for sharing… you are truley gifted. I am glad you won the trip as the prize for what you have shared is wounderful.
    It was great to meet you, your wife, and all at McD’s this past Sunday.

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