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Field Notes


I’d been waterfall hunting in North Carolina fall 2014 and was having a terrible go of it. The problem wasn’t so much in finding the waterfalls as getting a good image of them with fall color. See, a week or so before my trip there had been a number of storms and the wind had pretty much knocked all the color to the ground.

I had gone to several waterfalls and probably had 10 miles of fruitless hiking in when I was driving back to the hotel. I knew that Whitewater Falls was a few miles off my route and an easy walk, but I was just sure it would be another useless – and colorless – attempt.

However, there’s a nagging little voice inside my head that is quick to point out that 1) – you never know for sure what the conditions are until you get there and 2) I have nothing better to do at the moment since the alternative was just sitting around the hotel room.

Since I only had about 45 minutes of light before sunset, I decided to give it a go. I hurried down to the park, jumped out of the truck, and took the quick hike to the falls.

Much to my surprise and delight, everything looked great! Whitewater Falls was flowing nicely and the color was about as prefect as it could get. Plus the vast majority of the leaves were still attached to the trees! I found my spot and snapped away until the light faded (which was a very short amount of time).

As I drove back to my hotel, I was REALLY glad I listened to that little nagging voice :)