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Field Notes

I found this curious prairie dog in a quiet corner of Wind Cave National Park. (Although, I think most of the corners in that little park are pretty quiet!)

I had actually been scanning for coyotes while I was driving through one of the all-you-can-catch-buffets – also known as a prairie dog town. The dirt road cut the town in half, so you had prairie dogs on both sides as you made your way along.

Since this isn’t the most traveled road the little prairie dogs were skittish to say the least. A few would allow me to stop and take a couple snaps, but for the most part, as soon as my car stopped, they slipped into their burrows. Oh, and forget about getting out and shooting – the moment the door opened, these guys dove back into their little holes.

Fortunately, I found this cooperative fellow. As I stopped the truck, there was no doubt in my mind this little guy had a very curious nature. He’d peek at me from behind his rock “fortress” and then slip back down, and then back up again. This photo was one of my favorites from our little photo shoot.