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Field Notes

I was lucky enough to spot this black bear cub (along with his mother and a sibling) the last time I was in the Smoky Mountains.

They were busy working the edge of this hill hunting up some breakfast when I arrived. They’d graze back and forth, slowly making their way along and stopping every now and then to take a look around. Most of the time, their heads were to the ground (most of bear photography is just waiting for them to actually stop eating for a second), but every now and then they take a peek in my direction.

This particular time, the little cub decided to stop near a flower. As he was moving his head, I kept waiting and hoping he’d look at me with that flower right on his nose. Most of the shots had the flower at the side of his head, but as luck would have it, when he finally decided to give me a glance, the flower was right where it needed to be to capture this ┬ámoment.