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Field Notes

This male pronghorn was captured in Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park.

I had been driving back and forth through the valley, not really seeing anything of interest, and decided to “settle” on a male and female pronghorn that were, for the moment, just lying around in the sagebrush.

So, with nothing better to do, I stopped the truck, got out and began snapping a few shots. Soon enough my large lens attracted some onlookers and I got to talking to another photographer. As we spoke, a tourist with a point and shoot decided to press their luck and get in a little closer. The two pronghorn stood up, but surprisingly didn’t seem overly concerned.

The female started to slowly move off, and the buck – for lack of a better word – became agitated and feisty. Soon the two were in a high speed chase, oblivious to any thought of the audience that was enjoying the spectacle. They would race off a couple hundred yards and then race back – each runaway making us think the show was over.

Each time their antics brought them back over to our area, I would snap away whenever they whizzed by – which is how I secured this image.

Eventually they settled back down in pretty much the exact same spot where the whole race began.