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Field Notes

I found this pronghorn buck while he was trying to keep his little harem togetherĀ in Custer State park, SD.

I spent quite a bit of time with the entire group. I approached slowly, allowing them to become accustomed to me. The females and young males didn’t seem to mind, but I could tell the dominant buck was just barely putting up with me. However, he was too busy keeping his little troop together to worry too much about my presence.

One of his girls would wander off and he’d have to round her up and bring her back to the fold. Just as he did, another girl would wander off. Sometimes he’d have to chase after them with some speed, so that was fun to watch – although usually this took place out of the range of my camera.

In any event, I was able to capture this nice posed shot during one of his breaks when he was kind of checking me out and deciding what to do with me!