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Field Notes

This buck was actually photographed in a nearby park just 20 minutes from home (It’s nice not to always have to drive across the country to get a photo LOL).

The weatherman had predicted fog the night before, and sure enough, it was foggy. So, I went down to the park to see if I could find anything interesting.

I hadn’t walked more than a half mile when I came across this guy. Our initial encounter was in a deep, dark fog and I did manage a shot or two. However, I felt like he had a bit more to offer, so I decided to tag along with him as he made his morning rounds.

As the morning wore on and the sun began to climb higher in the sky, the fog ignited with a warm, orange color – at least if you were facing the direction of sunrise. I decided to try to position myself so the buck was between my lens and the the rising sun.  Sure enough, I was able to maneuver into position, but he wasn’t looking my way. ARRGH!

So, I tried to keep my relative position to him, hoping something would eventually get his attention (he was used to people, so none of my carrying on bothered him in the least). Finally, someone walked by on a trail that was about 50 yards away – with their dog. That got his attention and as he looked up I started shooting. At one point he looked directly at the camera and I was lucky enough to capture this image.