How To Photograph Star Trails

Posted on by Steve

So, have you ever wondered how to shoot star trail photos? What about how to handle the RAW image files? What about how to post process and stack ‘em? Everything you need to know is answered in the video below! Oh, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel too so you never miss a video!

Psst – For a better view, make sure you go full screen ;)

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9 Responses to How To Photograph Star Trails

  1. Fran says:

    Great video!

  2. Donald Jones says:

    Great video. Each tip was as good as the last. And beautiful result.

  3. Gerald Botkin says:

    Thank you Steve. That was great!

  4. verdon says:

    Thank you Pete, amazing video with a tons of very strait down info without useless talking, that’s the way how to do it, well done!!! Thnx Verdon!

  5. C. Everson says:

    Great tip. Thanks

  6. Xian says:

    It was great, thank you.

  7. Andy Wright says:

    Nice job, Steve. I picked up your work on FM. Stunning shot from Z Point!
    Looking forward to using your technique. I’m a Canon guy, so I hope the continuous shooting mode, with locked down cable release will work for me. Up ’til now, I’ve used an intervalometer, but that limits out a 99 shots. I like your idea better, if I can make it work.

  8. Steve Justad says:

    Thank you for this excellent piece of instruction. I remember trying star trails back in the old days of film. I also remember them not turning out very well and pretty much put doing trails out of my mind. With your instruction, I am encouraged to go out and tackle some trails in some choice locations here in Montana.

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