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As a professional landscape photographer, I have to say I fell in love with the Nikon 14-24mm the moment I attached it to my (then) state-of-the-art D3. It was amazingly sharp, and the zoom range just begged for wide open spaces and big skies.

However, there were more than a few times I found myself wishing I could attach a polarizer to the front of the lens to take reflections off of leaves and water. Enter the Fotodiox Wonderpana 145 Kit.

I’ve been using the Fotodiox adapter kit for my Nikon 14-24mm for about 6 months now and I wanted to let other 14-24mm owners know about this little gem. It’s a great way to add a polarizer (or neutral density) filter to your lens – check it out!

So, here’s the video review:

Psst – For a better view, make sure you go full screen 😉

Here are the 100% crops mentioned in the video above to compare the sharpness of the polarizer to the naked lens (as noted in the video, these were deliberately shot in a situation where polarization would have a minimal impact). Honestly, I just don’t see much difference between the two – it’s just too close to call. Focused with LiveView, and shot with mirror lockup. Both are unsharpened RAW files.



Here’s another version that fits on the page at full size


Pretty darn close. If there is a difference, it wouldn’t take very much sharpening to fix it, that’s for sure.

I can also attest that this adapter kit and polarizer rocks in real life. I’ve been exceedingly pleased with the sharpness, color, and amount of polarization. Highly recommended for 14-24mm owners who love shootin’ in the woods or near water. Available from Fotodiox.


PS – I’m not affiliated with Fotodiox in any way, I just really like this setup!

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19 Responses to Fotodiox Wonderpana 145 Review

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  2. Nicholas says:

    I just got back from Blackwater Falls last week. It was a pleasant surprise to see it in this video. Here’s what I got (I plan to go back because it’s not exactly what I wanted) :

  3. Larry Burkowsky says:

    Very nice post. Thank you.

  4. Paul L. Richman says:

    Excellent site, photography, videos and tips. Thanks! I’m thinking about getting the Wonderpana for my Nikon 14-24, but have a couple questions. You explore the vignetting problems very well, but I’ve read of one issue not covered. That’s at f2.8 but also at closest focus. I’ve read that vignetting there is not correctable. Have you tried that?

    Also, when shooting waterfalls, are you able to use both the CP and an ND at the same time? Seems like this would seriously vignette….

    • Steve says:

      Hi Paul –

      The problem is when you do get a little vignetting, it’s not just light falloff, it’s a physical blockage of the light from the filter. So, if there’s “leftovers” after you correct for the lens, then you’ll need to do a little cloning. Honestly, it’s really not been much of an issue in the real world.

      As for waterfalls, it’s just the polarizer. I think both would really vignette. Most of the time I shoot in overcast, rain, or first thing / last thing in the day so usually my problem is not having enough light.

  5. Paul L. Richman says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the reply, Steve. Your site and photography are traffic. Thanks for taking the time to do all this. Think you’ll ever offer to lead photo tours to some of your photography locations?

  6. Satheesh THomas says:

    Dear Steve, I have saw the video now. It is a wonderful video. I have the same lens and I am using it with my D7100..As everybody knows it is a great lens. After seeing this video, I am planning to buy this Filter. The kit includes Polarizer filter, right?. In the video you have showed the vignetting while taking photos using this filter. Does it exist throughout the entire zoom range?. Does the vignetting is high or very low?. If i Use the lens in my D7100, will there be vignetting in the photo?..I want to know one more thing that does it affect the sharpness of the photo if i use it with D7100?.

    Waiting for you Reply..

    Thanks In advance..

    Satheesh Thomas..

    • Steve says:

      Hi Satheesh –

      There are several variations of the kit, but one does include the polarizer. There will be ZERO vignetting on a 7100, not worries at all.

      • Satheesh THomas says:

        Thanks Steve. Just now I got the Item that includes UV and CPL filter.. I hope it will be an asset to my photography..

        Satheesh Thomas..

  7. Jordan Ho says:

    Please can I use that for 14mm Canon ?

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  9. Ian says:

    Thanks for presenting this interesting and helpful review. At the end is a link to the Fotodiox page, which just needs updating to the current version – here:

  10. Mike says:

    Thanks for that review, I was thinking keeping my 14-24mm for astrophotography and buy the 16-35mm f4 as you can install polarized filter. Bought the fotodiox wonderpana 145 kit w/polarized lens for 199$ at B&H, which is a good deal. Yes the kit is a little bulky, come with 3 pouch but worth it and saved me few bucks from buying a new lens.

    great book too, I enjoyed reading it.

  11. Julian says:

    I’ve experienced the “unheaven polarisation” effect this afternoon – sky turned dark in the middle of the shot. Was shooting with the 14-24 @ 14mm. Never heard about this phenomena before but it ruined my pictures. what is it exactly? how to avoid it?

    Steve, thank you very much for your review, very useful. thanks.

  12. Abhijit says:

    How convenient is the rectangular GND filter and the extra WonderPana 66 holder bracket attachment? Looks a bit inconvenient – and tempting to use only the 145mm circular filters (polarizer and ND) – and add any GND effects in the post using lightroom.

    I have a 14-24, 24-70E VR (82mm filter size) & 70-200 2.8 VR II (77mm filter size) – among other lenses. I am planning to carry them in a small bag (ThinkTank Trifecta 10 which does not seem to have a lot of space for big filters – perhaps possible to carry the FotoDiox in the bag if I skip the rectangular GND filter).

    I am curious how convenient it would be to use this with the other two lenses via step up rings (77mm & 82mm) for the other two lenses? Or would you advise just getting separately a circular polarizer & an ND filter in 77mm and 82mm filter sizes?

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