Lake Superior Trip – Day 10

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wow, ten days already!

We rolled out of bed at 5:45 this morning for sunrise. We still haven’t found a spectacular sunrise spot, but after what we saw last night at Miner’s beach, I think it’s safe to go ahead and try that location again.

This time, we walked to the middle section of the beach and gave that a go. There were some nice clouds in the sky and I had expected the clouds nearest the sun to be the prime candidates for a photo, but that wasn’t the case. Turns out the clouds opposite the sunrise were a really nice pinkish / purplish color so I pointed that glass in their direction.

I decided a to “straddle” the tripod in the area where the waves were breaking along the beach to give a nice leading line into the shot. As the first waves soaked my legs and shorts, I noticed they seemed a lot colder this morning than last night. Probably has more to do with the time of day and 59 degree air temp than the water.

At any rate, the light was still pretty good, and had I not just seen the sunset from last night, I probably would have thought it stellar.

The shot itself seems to show a lot of promise, so I’m hoping we already have a good shot for the day.

(Here’s the shot from that morning. Read more about it here, and get it as desktop wallpaper here)

From the beach, it was back off to the camper to finalize Grant’s Jr. Ranger packet for Pictured Rocks. Once complete, we made a bee-line for the visitor center where he received his badge. That’s two for this trip!

I wanted to spend the afternoon scouting for new locations between Munising and Marquette, so we decided to have lunch at the Marquette Perkins then work our way back.

We also made a quick stop at the local Gander Mountain to pick up some backpacking supplies and found a super-nice NorthFace backpack on sale that was just Grant’s size. His regular pack, well, sucks, so I’m hoping this new pack makes the trip better for him. We’ll know after our night at Chapel Beach tomorrow.

We spent the rest of the afternoon scouting along the beaches of L. Superior and specifically AuTrain Bay. We found an area we liked and went back to the camper for dinner.

After a surprisingly good dinner (“surprisingly” cuz I made it), it was back to AuTrain to see if we could get a sunset. We were a couple hours early, so Grant spent some time constructing a sand castle along the mouth of the AuTrain River where it empties into the lake.

When sunset finally came, the clouds decided we didn’t really need a photo that night. A small part of the sky still looked pretty good, so I grabbed a telephoto and tried a composition. Not sure if that’s gonna be a keeper or not. (After The Trip Note – Yeah, it wasn’t a keeper)

Not sure where I’m going tomorrow morning, just need to get some sleep now.

Grant’s video for that day:


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13 Responses to Lake Superior Trip – Day 10

  1. Pat says:

    Grant, you have done an excellant job on this. Love ALL of the photos. You are following in your Dad’s footsteps. I am so glad I found you guys. Just love, love your photos.

  2. Judith Natt says:

    Beautiful photos from the north country. Excellent photography in spite of the hungry black flies which can ruin any holiday up there. They bite through stockings and pants. I know because I have been there.

    More power to both of you. Continue with your photography trps to give us pleasurable moments.

    Judith Natt

    • Steve says:

      Actually, we were lucky with the black flies – they’re not out that time of year (may-early june is their season). Now the mosquitoes on the other hand, well, they were pretty well fed! (I think I’m still scratching, LOL)

  3. Judith Natt says:

    Well, I was wrong. It is been now 55 years ago that I have been up there. I used to live in Canada but I am now resident in Israel. I wonder if you are the same Steve as the Worldstart Steve?

    Your photos are truly exceptional and I am glad to hear that your son is tagging along and doing excellent work too.

    I will continue peeking into your albums because I love them and they give me lots of pleasure.

    Judith N.

    • Steve says:

      Yup, same Steve :) I’ve (more or less) turned WorldStart over to my office manager so I can work on my photography and this site. Lately, I’ve been working “part time” at WS doing the Sunday newsletter till they get a new marketing person, but the rest of my time is pretty much spent here.


  4. Mattie says:

    Beautiful colors in this photo along with the capture of the wave!

  5. Jenny Brenner says:

    I know you must be proud of Grant.He seems to be able to capture the moment like a pro!

  6. Velma says:

    What a wonderful day. The pictures are just great. I love them and would use the wallpaper but I have my Great Grandson on now in his Air Force uniform. He is such a sweet boy. I do love all of your work. Thank you….Velma

  7. ginni says:

    is there a way to slow down the effect of moving water? It’s always blurred

    • Steve says:

      The water looks that way mainly due to the slow shutter speeds I need to shoot. Personally I usually like it.

      That said, there are times when a more “frozen” look is better – and I have a few of those coming from the trip I took after this one – stay tuned…


  8. Lee says:

    I also love looking at your pictures, sort of forget how beautiful the midwest is. I’m from Chicago but moved out West many years ago and while I’ve been back for some reason I don’t remember the beauty. I think its wonderful that you take your son with you on these adventures, he will remember this the rest of his life. Thank you for sharing your adventure with me.

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