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Posted on by Steve

Hey everyone!

I’m really excited! My photo, Storm Warning, from Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore was chosen as one of the 10 winners from the 2012 Share The Experience Photo Contest!

Now, I don’t generally go blogging every time one of my photos wins an award, however, this one was pretty cool. Out of 16,000 photos, only 10 were chosen as winners! So, I’m pretty excited that mine was included – what an honor!

Check it out:


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4 Responses to Share The Experience Winner!

  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    Congratulations ! You have an excellence eye for photography.

  2. Pat Martin says:

    Your photos really amaze me every time. I now have 3 of your prints.

  3. CONNIE says:


  4. chapel creek says:

    Your pics are heartwarming refreshing & will make a person want 2pack a bag & go exploring 2some of the places where the pic were taken. I happen 2be from the Munising area, I live in Tucson now tho. The pics of the UP were awsome & reminded me what i miss about back home. The last time was 8 yrs ago & was amazed at all the changes, both good & bad. I miss the area of old & was unhappy where people have been allowed 2move into & how much of the beautiful area they have ruined just by moving there. The trees that they could have left like the white birch which have a difficult time surviving, the soil has 2be perfect 4them 2survive in the wild. Thats why they grow in stands. One happens 2be in the PRNL the other just happens 2be out here in Alpine AZ north of Tucson. Both stands are protected by the park in Mich the other by the forest svc in Ariz. Your pics bring 2life, what we must preserve 4our generations 2come. If 4nothing else 2save our sanity~a place of peace & quiet~2get back 2nature & understand why we are here. What is really important is 2exisist w/nature & wildlife~not 2kill it all off, man is so good at that. The ojder I become I’m 2understand it is ÑOT OK 4one person 2own lands that have a unique personality that needs 2be left 4all. There is no need 2clearcut land~but a real need 2reenforce what we destroy. Man has 4gotten this~which brings me back 2your pics. They ARE so important ~ they remind us we are the only ones who have the resources 2preserve what we have left on this earth. We can live w/o killing off everything 4all 2enjoy. Think b4 we flatten the area~preserve the trail 2&from that waterhole or meadow 4our 4leg friends 2get2. Where u build your home is also the wildlifes home~don\t get mad at the deer or other wild animals 4being there~keep your pets inside & garbage locked up. Keep taking pics steve they bring enjoyment~the outdoors in2 our homes~4those who can’t get 2these places we were lucky enuf 2see or grow up with. Thank you ~Thank you ~Thank you ~ You have brought a smile inside of me~I thought was gone!!!

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