New Wallpaper For September, Trip Update

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Hey everyone!

OK, Grant and I made it back from our 17 day trip spent (mostly) on the shores of Lake Superior. It wasn’t an easy trip – the sky was uncooperative most of the time, but man, I think we did manage to pull out a few nice shots. I’ll be working on those for the next few weeks, along with trying to get the trip log up.


Lake Superior Blazing Sunset

Lake Superior Blazing Sunset

In the mean time, I’ve gotten the wallpaper for September ready. The shot you see above was one of my favorites from our recent trip, and the one below was from a really cool local frog pond. Both have pretty cool stories, so make sure you stop by their pages and give ’em a read (just click the photo).

Eye To Eye With A Frog

Eye To Eye With A Frog


Enjoy – and remember to rate the photos so I know if you like ’em or not :)


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5 Responses to New Wallpaper For September, Trip Update

  1. Jim Miller says:

    I would like more details on specific places visited and more photos. Am I missing a link of more photos? Lake Superior is a large lake and you don’t reveal in this posting which areas you visited. I am familiar with the north shore and south shore in some areas. Great photo opportunities abound in those areas. Keep uop the good work and photgraphy. I like it a lot! Grant is lucky to have such a fine father.

  2. Terri Boyd says:

    Your picts are always the best and the only wallpaper I use.

  3. Nana-Karen says:

    Dear He-Who-Moves-Trees, I love both the sunset and the frog, & thoroughly enjoyed the story of getting the portrait of the frog! (Who gets to do your laundry after an excursion like that one?) I look forward to seeing the other photos from your trip – even if they don’t have a cooperative sky! Remember, they don’t all have to be First Prize winners, for stuck-at-home people to enjoy them!

  4. Gloria says:

    Love the sunset and laughed at your moving the tree. Being a computer traveler I really enjoy all your photos from interesting places.

  5. Jane Jimeno says:

    What is a cooperative sky? Every change is a creation of nature and, to my way of thinking, a unique experience. I know some are more dramatic than others but sometimes the same old same old is just as interesting to some people. Keep up the good work and even let us see some that you might feel are not as “perfect” as the ones you normally put up. Thanks for the trips.

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