Meet & Greet At The National Center For Nature Photography

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We had a fantastic turnout for yesterday’s meet and greet at the National Center For Nature Photography! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who stopped by! It was a TON of fun and it was really a thrill to meet everyone! I was scheduled from 1- 3 but ended up staying to nearly 4:00 – what a blast!

Here’s a few snaps from the event (Thanks to Karen and my wife Rose for the picts!)

At the entrance:

Our first guest was Kathleen all the way from Texas! WOW!

 Then some talking

Then more chatting…

And even more of me flappin’ my jaw :)

 Overall it was a fantastic experience and again, I really and truly want to thank everyone who stopped by. I honestly had visions of myself sitting on the bench playing iphone games for a couple hours! The amazing turnout was far better than I ever expected and it really meant a lot to me. Thanks again!


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8 Responses to Meet & Greet At The National Center For Nature Photography

  1. Julia Mason says:

    If I had been in that area I would have been there. My son loves your shot of lightning . He has a picture he took with a film camera that shows the shock wave.

  2. LaVerna says:

    I am so thrilled for you that you had a good turnout. Your pictures are
    so beautiful and lots of effort taken to get just the right show…again
    happy and please for you….

  3. Lynn says:

    Steve, all of your work is gorgeous. Why would you expect a low turnout? I would have wanted to see it in person, had I been in the area. Congratulations on a successful showing.

  4. Patricia says:

    Lucky people! I use your wonderful pictures as wallpaper, Steve. At least that way I can go on enjoying them. Thank you so much for the pleasure you share with so many of us

  5. Kathleen Ellis says:

    It was fun to meet you! I wrote about nature photography and specifically your work on my blog. Quick Linley:


    Austin, TX

  6. John says:

    Well done. Unfortunately I was not able to be at the exhibit. I use your photos on my pc as wallpaper. I get some wonderful comments. Glad to point folks to your website and give you the well deserved credit. I can only imagine how fantastic the photos look live at an exhibit. The best to you and yours, keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your fortune with us.

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